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About AyA Kitchen Designs

The Kitchen is today's living room - It's the heart of the home. At AyA we believe that a great kitchen starts with you.

Every AyA kitchen is designed and made just for you. Unlike other kitchen manufacturers we don't assemble from stock, we produce a unique kitchen for each and every customer. With AyA's mass customization approach, you get the best of both worlds - the personalization of a custom kitchen with the value and quality that comes from a 150,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art production facility.


AyA is committed to staying on the cutting edge of design and providing the best customer service experience possible. A lot of things have changed since AyA opened its doors back in 2001: technology, styles, materials, new locations and much more, but the one thing that never changes is our dedication to delivering exceptional value and customer service. By combining old world craftsmanship and attention to detail with high tech manufacturing processes AyA offers innovative, quality cabinetry at competitive prices, incomparable selection of colours, styles and accessories to help you create your ultimate living space.


Our Mission

To provide our customers with a product that is innovative in design, consistent in quality and competitive in value. To develop and maintain a working environment committed to safety, teamwork, advancement and professionalism. To contribute to our community as an environmentally conscious manufacturer, a dependable employer and a leader in our industry.


Environement & Health Standards

AyA Kitchens is continually striving to surpass environmental and health standards and help their customers create healthier environments, whether renovating a home or building LEED certified projects and developments.


State of ART Manufacturing

AyA's state of the art manufacturing process combines the efficiencies of just in time manufacturing with the customization and quality of old-world craftsmanship. Rather than assembling from stock parts, every kitchen is made from scratch to the individual specifications of every customer.

High Standard Quality

Our commitment to quality made us one of the first in our industry to become third party certified by the Woodmark Quality System - the first quality management specifically designed for the wood products manufacturing industry.

The Finishing

What's a great product without great service and fantasic people to help you acheive your dream. We take pride and care in making your experience a positive one.

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Our Quality Guarantee

AyA has developed its own, proprietary manufacturing software to maximize control over all parts of the manufacturing process. AyA's ability to track and analyze manufacturing defects is just one of the ways that this enables a culture truly dedicated to continuous improvement and a consistently high quality final product.

Work-in-process quality is checked at strategic points throughout the manufacturing cycle rather than merely a final check of a ready-to-go product. When non-conformance is discovered earlier in the cycle, reworks can be integrated into the manufacturing cycle without causing delays or incomplete shipments.

There can be no quality without completeness and on-time delivery. With this mantra in mind, AyA strives to ship complete kitchens each and every time, on time. In an industry plagued by backorders and shipping delays, this is an audacious undertaking, so how do we do?

Since 2008, AyA has been consistently at or under our target of 0.5% backorders per cabinets shipped with some weeks averaging less that 0.05% with on-time deliveries.

As pioneers of mass customization, AyA's state-of-the-art cabinet manufacturing facility enables us to produce the range of product and attention to detail demanded by the finest builders and designers while offering the quality and savings that result from producing on a mass scale for customers across North America

Our ability to tailor make each and every customer's order, combined with turnkey service, starting with superior in-house designers through to professional installation, means AyA provides an unsurpassed level of service to all of our customers.

AyA Kitchens and Baths, Ltd. (AyA) provides a "Limited Life-time Warranty" on our products. The warranty on drawer glides and hinges is for the life-time of the kitchen. AyA also provides a 5 year warranty on the cabinet construction, and 2 years on the cabinet doors, finishes and surface hardware (knobs & handles).


My name is Marianna Parsons

Marianna's design philosophy is centred on the belief that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

She approaches each project with a keen eye for detail, aiming to create kitchen spaces that reflect the unique personalities and lifestyles of her clients. Her designs seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, resulting in kitchens that are not only beautiful but also highly practical for everyday living.

"I would be honoured to share my passion in designing a beautiful and functional space for your home. Allow me the opportunity to show you what we can make possible."



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